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The Quality of the Fabric

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

From the perspective of consumption and business, the difference between good fabrics and ordinary fabrics is not so obvious, and even clothes of ordinary fabrics may sell more expensive than those of good fabrics. But in the eyes of the traditional luxury goods industry, any non-natural fabrics are not acceptable. Therefore, unless it is a 100% natural fiber fabric, any fabric with chemical fiber is not very good. This is just like in the traditional jewelry industry, all semi-precious stones (including tourmaline, aquamarine) are not on the table, because they are "semi-precious stones".

So why do pure cotton fabrics add 2% of other chemical fibers?

It is to make up for some of the shortcomings of pure cotton fabrics. This has advantage and disadvantage. The advantage is that it can be enjoyed at a low price, or it can reach almost 80% of the feeling of high-quality fabrics, or it can solve some small problems in daily wear. The downside is that once you start accepting the taste, it goes bad.

Value of fabric

The value of fabrics cannot be viewed from a single fabric. For example, if a designer splices leather and silk, even if the two fabrics are not expensive at first, they will be very expensive together, because the physical properties of these two fabrics. The characteristics are completely different, and how to blend it is a very high degree of knowledge. For example, the style looks unremarkable, but no one dares to underestimate this dress.

Cotton and linen fabrics and silk fabrics

Cotton and linen fabric distinction

The longer and finer the velvet, the better the cotton. It has good air permeability, good luster, can be made very thin, is not easy to break, and has good body sensation. Generally speaking, the higher the count, the higher the number of needles (some are called the number of stitches), the better the fabric, but it cannot be too absolute.

General fabric: short-staple cotton

Good fabric: ordinary long-staple cotton, Sea Island cotton, Pima cotton

Premium fabric: Egyptian cotton (used by luxury brands)

Egyptian cotton is a general term for a large category of long-staple cotton. It is the real Egyptian cotton that grows in the origin of Egypt. It is called Pima cotton that grows in the United States and Peru. It grows in other places except the United States and Peru, mainly in North and South America. Island area and Australia area, called sea island cotton. These three kinds of cotton actually belong to a large category, and ordinary people can't distinguish the fabrics. In addition, China's Xinjiang also grows cotton seeds imported from Egypt. There are a lot of "Egyptian cotton" on the market, but the quality is very different. In terms of price, Egyptian cotton>Pima cotton>Sea Island cotton>Domestic Egyptian cotton.

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