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Things to Keep in Mind While Dressing Your Baby

New parents are very keen to buy clothes for their babies, and everyone wants to maximize comfort and style for their baby. Babies are very fragile, so parents have a lot to consider when shopping for baby clothes for their babies. Here are a few tips you need to keep in mind.

1. Summer recommendation

Summer is very hot, and babies don't dissipate heat as well as adults, they will feel hot more easily, so shopping for baby clothes in summer should not have many layers. Single layer is best, baby will feel comfortable and relaxed. Cotton is the best fabric for summer baby clothes.

2. Winter recommendation

In cold winter months, you should wear several layers on your baby to keep warm. You can also add a warm and cozy rug to wrap your baby in a blanket. There's a simple rule of thumb for dressing your baby in the winter, and that's just one layer more than yours. Too many layers of clothing can be a burden on your baby.

3. Pajamas recommendation

Your baby sleeps most of the time, so a comfortable nightgown is very important for your baby. You need to be careful that your baby is neither too cold nor too hot while sleeping, cotton or muslin is fine. Also, to avoid choking, don't cover your baby's head.

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