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Tips on Dressing Your Baby for Summer

Baby clothes have different points to pay attention to in different seasons. Today we will talk about how to choose clothes for babies in summer.

1. Choose Lightweight Clothes

When it's extra hot outside, especially at night, use lighter wholesale newborn clothes. An additional layer may be needed, such as lightweight sleepwear wholesale baby onesies and lightweight sleeping bags.

Once the baby is asleep, the sleeping bag is no longer needed. If you're putting your child in a sling or carrier, make sure the material is breathable so they don't get too hot.

2. A single layer is enough

When the temperature rises above 23 degrees Celsius, there is no need to dress your baby in multiple layers. A light cotton garment will suffice.

3. Use hats and sunglasses

Keep your baby's eyes safe from the sun with 100% UV-protected sunglasses. To protect her from the sun, use a summer wholesale kids hat. You can also protect your baby's skin by choosing UV-blocking clothing.

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