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Top 4 Wholesale Baby Clothing Fashion Trends for 2022

As a member of the apparel industry, we must have a keen eye for fashion and trends, especially baby clothing and children's clothing. Here are 4 kids fashion trends for 2022.


Many big brands such as Supreme, Nike, Adidas, etc. will print their logos on clothes in a wide range, which has also become a fashion trend. You can see a wide range of logos on all of their products, and likewise, as an independent brand, you can also have the logo printed on your children's clothing.

Sports and leisure

This style started in the 1990s and has recently been trending. Sportswear is a hybrid clothing trend, and you can use this style for many occasions, baseball uniforms, leggings, jogging pants, and more. You can play with your own aesthetic to match.

Neutral/genderless kid style

Recently, the children's fashion of neutral style is very hot, which is inseparable from the children's clothing designers. The Zhongxing children's clothing they designed is really beautiful, whether it's boys or girls, they will make people shine when they wear neutral style clothes.


The denim craze has never gone away since the first pair of jeans appeared in 1873. It can be said that denim clothing is a fashion trend that will never go out of fashion. Through different styles and prints, denim clothing will reflect different fashions on children.

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