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What are the Must-have Wholesale Baby Clothes for Summer?

The season for the great outdoors has arrived, and as the temperature gradually warms up, are you already thinking about buying summer clothes for your baby? Summer clothing should be light and breathable and bright colors to match the bright sun, here is a list of must-have summer baby clothing for you.

1. Summer clothing of pure cotton fabric

Babies are always thought to be fragile, in fact, babies are more afraid of heat than we are, and in hot summer, babies may be at risk of overheating if the right fabric is not selected. So be sure to choose loose clothing made of 100% cotton fabrics. Soft and breathable cotton keeps your baby fresh and comfortable at all times.

2. Sunscreen fabric

Many parents think that babies don’t need sun protection. This is not the case. Babies’ delicate and sensitive skin is more likely to be tanned or even sunburned by the sun than ours, so a sun protection clothing is a must. Try to choose sunscreen clothing with a higher SPF, which can filter out more harmful rays.

3. Sandals or slippers

Sandals and slippers are summer must-haves for everyone, regardless of age or gender! Wear a pair of sparkling sandals or hard-wearing clogs for your baby on hot summer days and let your baby's feet breathe freely in the air!

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