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What Baby Clothes Can Protect Baby from the Sun?

Summer is here, which means the time of the sun is here too. These are both happy and painful times for babies and their parents. On sunny days, every parent wants to take their baby out for outdoor activities, but the baby's skin is sensitive and delicate, and it is easy to be allergic and reddened by the hot sun. Therefore, the baby needs to do adequate sun protection before going out. Today we will share some tips.


Timing is very important if you want to go out with your baby. Avoid the time between 10am and 2pm first, as the UV rays are at their strongest during this time.

Baby clothes

Reasonable matching of baby clothes can greatly protect the baby from the sun. Your goal is to cover your baby's skin as much as possible while choosing natural fibers that are light and breathable. Or you can choose to wear a short-sleeved cotton T-shirt underneath and a long-sleeved sun protection jacket for your baby.

The baby's eyes are also easily stabbed by ultraviolet rays, so a pair of sunglasses is very necessary. In addition, choose a cute sun hat that can be used as a fashion item or protect your baby's face. Of course, please try to choose a wide brim, so as to maximize the protection of the baby's face.

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