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What Baby Clothing are Suitable for Outdoor Activities?

Summer is great for outdoor activities! ! Babies, especially, are happy to be outdoors, but as parents, we also need to keep our babies comfortable outdoors. The weather outside is changeable, the sky is clear one second, it may be cold and rainy the next. Here are some tips for buying your baby's outdoor clothing.

1. Synthetic fabric or wool

Cotton clothing is undoubtedly great for sunny, dry outdoor wear, however, synthetics and wool are the best options for sports travel or when the weather forecast says it's going to be cooler and rainier. These fabrics wick moisture and dry quickly, making them more suitable for both scenarios.

2. Layered Clothes

Prepare your baby with layers of clothing for the changing weather, and your baby is sure to benefit from this decision. Simply put, you can add clothes to your baby when they have a cold and less clothes when they sweat.

3. The right style

If your baby is going outdoors for a lot of activity, don't put them in too long suits or skinny jeans. These types of clothing can impede their movement and thus risk injury.

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