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What Newborn Clothes Do You Need?

When it comes to picking out items for your new baby, clothes are definitely the most exciting! Those tiny, cute little socks, clothes, and pants can really bring a tear to your eye all of a sudden. Before you're tempted to buy every cute little outfit you see (and yes, you will be), consider the following factors so that you have the clothes your newborns really need.

Consider the season

The season is a very important consideration, and you shouldn't buy a bunch of sweaters for a baby born in the summer or a bunch of short-sleeved T-shirts for a baby born in the winter. Many new parents don't know exactly how to buy clothes for their newborn according to the season. It's easy. You just need to layer. Unlike adults, newborns cannot regulate their body temperature, so they are more likely to feel hot or cold. Layering means you can easily add or subtract clothes at any time to keep your baby comfortable.

Newborn babies sleep almost all the time, so you need plenty of pajamas, sleeping bags, and swaddling clothes.

Consider size

Just like every person's body type is different, so is every newborn's body type. Most baby clothing sizes are based on the average size of a newborn -- from 5 to 8 pounds. By the end of prenatal care, you will know your baby's approximate weight. So if your baby is expected to weigh 10 pounds, you can skip the newborn size and go straight to 0-3 months old. One important tip when shopping for clothes for your baby: Don't choose your size based on your baby's age, but your weight.

Consider the fabric

Each of us has heard of "baby-soft skin," and for good reason. A newborn's skin is very soft and delicate at the same time. So when you're looking for clothes for your new baby, make sure you choose soft baby clothes. Knitted cotton and bamboo are excellent fabrics for baby clothing. They are both soft and breathable, and are ideal for baby's delicate skin.

Tights and onesies can be your best friends when your newborn can get her clothes dirty faster than you can put them on. I know, those lace dresses and button-up blouses are really cute, but by the time you change a diaper for the tenth time, you really hate those designs.

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