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What Newborn Clothes Do You Need?

When it comes to welcoming a new member to your family, you need to prepare everything he or she might need. Choosing clothes is the most interesting, you will see all kinds of lovely and delicate little clothes. The wide variety of baby clothes on the market can make you cross your eyes, so what kind of baby clothes do you really need? Stick with me and I'll tell you the answer.

Consider the season

The season in which the baby is born is a very important factor. If you have a baby on the way in the summer, a short sleeved jumpsuit is a must. Of course, you can also get some long sleeves to prevent the temperature from dropping. Many parents worry that they won't be able to dress their baby for the right weather, but the truth is there's only one trick you need to master: layering. Babies can't regulate their body temperature the way adults can, so as long as you have layers of clothing and add or subtract clothes at appropriate times, your baby won't get cold or hot.

Consider size

Most baby clothes on the market are bought according to age, so many parents choose only baby size clothes when preparing clothes for their newborn. However, newborn sizes are only designed for the average weight of a baby at birth - around 5-8 pounds. When your baby is about to be born, you will hear from your doctor about your baby's estimated weight. If your baby is likely to weigh more than 8 pounds, skip baby size and go straight for weight.

Consider the fabric

A newborn's skin is so soft and delicate you can't imagine! Because of this, their skin is very delicate and needs to be taken care of. Be sure to choose fabrics that are soft enough, such as knitted cotton and rayon. In addition, because bamboo fabric is very soft and breathable and can regulate body temperature, it is also perfect for baby use.

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