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What Potential Hazards You Need to Aware of When Choosing Wholesale Baby Clothes?

There are many things new mothers need to think about, especially when shopping for clothes for their newborn. And there are some potential dangers when buying clothes for your newborn. Here are some tips on how to choose clothes that are comfortable, cute and won't hurt your baby.

Avoid some dangerous decorations

Most baby clothes are simple and soft and comfortable, and few newborn clothes have zippers or buttons. We should also avoid these decorations when buying clothes for babies, buttons can be ripped off by the baby and put in the mouth and cause suffocation, and the zipper can be caught in the baby's skin and cause pain. When choosing baby clothes, the simpler the better.

The choice of fabric is important

To avoid allergies and itching, you should avoid synthetic fabrics and choose natural fibers when choosing baby clothes for your baby. Natural fibers are always best. Synthetic fibers are also a fire hazard, while natural fibers are soft, comfortable, and breathable, making them the best choice for baby clothing.

Avoid drawstrings

Drawstrings are very dangerous, and many baby girls have elastics or drawstrings on their skirts. The straps can get stuck in the crib and can cause suffocation for the baby, and it is safer to choose a baby clothing that is closed in another way.

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