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What Should You Know about Our Wholesale Baby Clothing Snaps?

As the saying goes, details make or break. We totally agree that at BabyClothes Wholesale we pay attention to the details and are committed to providing the most thoughtful products and services for babies and parents.

Snaps may seem like a small accessory in baby clothes, but in fact it's a big deal. Our snaps are lead or nickel free and feature our signature coconut insert, do you know why we use coconut?

Coconut is warmer to the touch than metal, and who would want a piece of icy metal to stick to their baby's skin in the cold season? Coconut inserts also don't shrink when washed, which beats those wooden inserts. And it is also a natural material, completely safe.

All of our baby clothes do not contain buttons and zippers, which are dangerous accessories, but use snaps instead. Because buttons and zippers are convenient and potentially dangerous for parents, but not for babies.

Buttons can be ripped off by curious babies and put in their mouths, creating a choking hazard. The zipper can also be pulled open by the baby and pinched against their skin.

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