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When to use baby bibs

The bibs used by babies are generally used when eating or at birth, because they are mainly safe and hygienic, and they can be wiped in time when the child is drooling, which can reduce the numbers of laundry. It should also be replaced in time during use, especially this kind of thing is easy to breed bacteria, so we need to replace it in time for the child, so when should the baby bib be used?

Usually, babies wear a bib when they can eat. From the 4th month onwards, some babies will start teething. Due to the increased secretion of saliva and the shallow mouth of the baby, coupled with the uncoordinated actions of closing lips and swallowing, the baby cannot swallow the saliva secreted in time, so he will drool a lot. At this time, in order to protect the baby's neck and chest from getting wet with saliva, you can wear a bib for the baby. Not only will this keep your baby comfortable, but it will also reduce the need to change clothes. Bibs can be purchased at a baby supply store, or you can make your own from absorbent cotton, flannel, or terry cloth. It is worth noting that you should not choose bibs made of plastic and rubber for the sake of saving trouble. Although these bibs are not afraid of wetness, they will have adverse effects on the baby's chin and hands.

Baby bibs should pay attention to their water absorption and breathability, and the materials must meet safety standards. Good-quality baby bibs are usually composed of multiple layers of materials. One layer is a pure cotton fabric that is not printed and dyed, the second layer is a breathable and absorbent layer, and the third layer is a TPU waterproof layer. Baby bibs are used very frequently, and bacteria can grow on milk stains, saliva, and dropped meals for a long time. Mom should pay attention to cleaning and disinfection. There are multiple bibs available for your baby. The replaced bib should be scalded with boiling water after each cleaning, and it is best to dry it in the sun for later use.

However, some babies drool in the early stage, so bibs should also be used at this time. Bibs are suitable for babies of different ages, even older babies can use bibs. Be sure to prepare a few more pieces of baby bibs, which can be easily changed and washed, and must be cleaned in time after each change and wash, and must not be allowed to dry and wet, and then "naturally air-dried" for repeated use. Even just saliva can cause bacteria, and it will directly contact the baby's skin, especially the chin and other parts, so it is easy to cause eczema problems. Therefore, if you find it wet or dirty during use, you must replace it in time.

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