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Why Cotton Matter for Wholesale Baby Clothes?

Babies have significantly more sensitive skin than adults. For parents, there is nothing cuter than tiny baby clothes. While parents love to dress up their babies, the quality of baby clothes is rarely a concern. In fact, even with the label 100% cotton, many clothes still have a lot of chemicals in them that you wouldn't expect.

Babies are most exposed to toxic chemicals

Babies are especially sensitive to toxic chemicals and can have a big impact on their early development. Because they experience more exposure, babies are smaller and their skin is more easily penetrated, so babies absorb more from the environment. Moreover, babies put things into their mouths out of curiosity and exploration of the world.

Because babies' brains and bodies are still developing, they are far less able to break down or eliminate chemicals naturally than adults. Their developmental process is wondrous and can be easily disrupted.

Baby's skin can be penetrated more easily

A large portion of your baby's absorption occurs through the skin, the rest is food, liquid and air, through the gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts. Our skin is our largest organ and it not only protects us but also absorbs substances in the air.

Babies' skin is thinner and more permeable than adults. Although they are all three layers, each layer of the baby is thinner, so its resistance is lower than that of adult skin. Substances that come into contact with your baby's skin are more easily absorbed and penetrate deeper skin layers.

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