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Why Do Baby Clothes Have Itchy Tags?

I'm sure every mom has experienced the following scenario: You've fed your baby, changed the diaper, and sang a baby's favorite lullaby. However! Your baby didn't fall asleep as peacefully as you thought!

Getting your baby to sleep well is the goal of all parents (because it means they get a good night's sleep too), but the truth is always cruel. Have you ever thought that the culprit behind your baby's fussiness is a simple thing you may never have considered, and it's super easy to correct. Yep, that's what we're talking about today, itchy labels in baby clothes.

We all wear clothes with stab tags that are very unbearable, even on adult skin! Imagine your baby's delicate skin is red and itchy from a stinging tag, and he certainly won't sleep peacefully.

Unlike you, your baby can't rip off the labels that torment them day and night, day and night. So let's put it another way, your baby keeps you awake all the time, then it's probably because of their clothes that keep them awake all the time.

The good news is that BabyClothes Wholesale clothes don't use any labels or heat seals, we print our "labels" directly onto our baby clothes using eco-friendly inks. This way your baby won't be fidgety with stinging tags and everyone in the family can sleep peacefully.

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