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Why do children always wear their clothes upside down?

Someone is very confused about that why do children always wear their clothes upside down? It's not that the parents made a mistake, it's to avoid accidents

The new mother, Ms. Li, had just given birth. She found that many newborn babies were wearing their clothes and hats backwards. At first, Ms. Li thought it was a careless parent who made a mistake. However, when she sent the baby to take a bath, she found that the nurse who was helping the child dress deliberately turned the clothes inside out. Ms. Li felt that this was not good-looking and there were too many threads, so she asked the nurse why she deliberately helped the child wear clothes backwards. The nurse told her that it was because there were too many threads in the clothes that the child was wearing clothes backwards.

It turns out that most of the clothes have many threads inside, but the surface is clean. It is very dangerous for the baby to put the thread close to the skin, because the thread will entangle the child's limbs. Therefore, in order to prevent this kind of danger, parents should do a good job of cleaning at home. Both the bed and the floor should be kept clean, and the sheets and quilts should be changed frequently to prevent children from being tangled in thread and hair. You can also let your child wear clothes backwards, as long as they wear close-fitting clothes backwards. In addition, when bathing the child every day, you should carefully check whether the child's body parts are entangled, and if any abnormality is found, it should be untied immediately. If the child cries for no reason, everyone should also think about the possibility that a foreign object might entangle the child's limbs and make him feel uncomfortable.

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