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Why Should Babies Stop Wearing Onesies?

The most common clothes babies wear are onesies, which make them more comfortable. So when should babies stop wearing onesies? Often, babies can no longer wear onesies after they learn to walk, as walking in onesies makes them uncomfortable. Babies start to walk between 12 and 18 months of age, so at this point they should stop wearing onesies. So why should babies give up onesies?

1. For convenience

One of the most common reasons is that finding the right onesie becomes more difficult as babies get older. Most baby clothing manufacturers only make onesies in sizes that fit babies under 24 months of age. A baby who has learned to walk has a hard time unbuttoning a onesie, and when he's not wearing a onesie, but regular baby pants and underwear, they're more convenient when going to the bathroom.

2. Babies start to walk

For parents, onesies for toddlers who have already learned to walk or are learning to walk are a bad choice. Babies at this point are already less cooperative when it comes to getting dressed and changing diapers, and if they are dressed in onesies, especially long ones, they can easily wriggle away from their parents' hands.

3. Choose other fashion options

Although there are many different types of prints for baby onesies, parents want to try other options. Parents always want to dress their babies up in cute little clothes like overalls, leggings, dresses, or trendy shirts so they don't have to wear similar onesies all day.

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